Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #11

This week, I have been working on more shapes of the head for my 3d digital art course and my thesis. This character will be fully sculpted so I am trying to find a shape I like. As of now, I am leanings towards the second head. (longer skull, and droopy chin) I do like the fourth one day as well but I believe it is too close to Picard from Star Trek. Nevertheless, I will find the shape and go along with it to finish the project.

Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #9

Links to Final Proposal References:

ART JAM – dishonoured wip


Some tutorials:


Scifi Decal Panels – Substance

SciFi Decal Panels Substance


  • Allegorithmic Substance Designer
  • Unity Engine

Substance Graph



SciFi Decal Panels is a procedural material created in Substance Designer. With so many features, the material can be used in numerous applications and environments such as space stations/ships, futuristic environments, Decals for ceilings, floors, or walls, etc. The texture is using PBR metalness/roughness workflow and was created with realism in mind.

The goal of the project was to create a “kit” that could be used to help designers speed up detailing a environment with a many different panel decals in a instant. As well as exploring and understanding the use of procedural kits using Substance Designer.

Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #8

This week I have been focusing on finishing up my substance kit. Currently, I am finalizing the color maps but I have been running into constant issues. For example, I work on a certain shape setup then turn on another and it does not work or a switch does not turn off. Trying to debug this rat’s nest is horrible but I am making way. I am planning on tomorrow as the final day to work in substance designer. The rest will be in Unity using the kit.

Here are the current graph and in editor 3d/texture:

After finishing this project, I will move onto working on the character as I am going to create a proposal presentation. I am going to focus more on the sculpt and what references I will follow. Other information I will be deciding: back story, style, time period, and final render for the sculpt. I am also hoping I find some time to do a few more sketches to help my direction.


Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #7

This week I focused on completing my substance designer project. After a week of working on it, I realized that designing the concept for the “kit” should have been my first task. Designing on the fly with a node base system…….makes a mess.

I tried using other graphs which helped clean stuff up a bit but I ended up using one main graph so I can expose more parameters. Maybe with more time, I can figure out a way to reference other graphs’ parameters.

After this weekend’s grind, I am at the final stretch. With the project due date being extended, I can put more time into coloring and give it a polish pass. A major issue I am having is with the height depth. Everything looks flat even after the tessellation. I might have to go in the beginning of the graph where I declared the basic shapes, and create a basic bevel to give it some dynamics.

Here are some screenshots from unity – displaying the kit:

My other projects/journey, I have not had the chance to drop the lipsync plugin into Unity. The instructions seem intense so I will dive into that this week. I have a feeling I will have to import a character with a facial rig (using blendshapes) to make sure it works in my Unity project. I think if I can get it imported Unity and working (or seem like it is working), I need to get it interacting with the kinect. From there, I should be in a good place to start sculpting the character. Although…..

I am worrying a little at this point. It is already HALF WAY through the semester!

I have to start shifting my time into the semester paper. I have an idea about the paper. Something along the lines of color and the affects on humans but I am not sure. I need to create an outline or proposal first.

The Taken House on the Hill

The Taken House on the Hill


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Blender
  • Pixologic zBrush
  • Allegorithmic Substance Painter
  • Unity Engine



The Taken House on the Hill is a game ready art piece involving a tiny house on a hill with a dead tree. All of which is contained within a glass bottle on display surrounded by darkness. The art piece contains 17,316 faces, and every texture is 2048 x 2048.

I decided the style of the art piece early on as I wanted to experiment and shy away from realistic modeling. The goal of the style was to mimic the style of Tim Burton, Gothic, and LucasArt games. Using this stylized resulted in creating a story that is not written. The viewer might feel there is more to the piece in which they might explore and create their own story around the piece.

Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #4

This week I completed my 3d project. I had to finish up texturing, UVing, and setting up the scene in Unity engine. Software I used was Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Pixologic Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Unity.


Also Instant Screenshot is an awesome plugin for Unity for anyone looking for hi-res screenshots. –

Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates 3

This week of research has been held up and on delay because of a delivery issue. I purchased a Kinect v2 that has all the accessories required to run on the PC. Unfortunately, it was shipped across to the other side of the country. As I write this, I should be receiving the items tomorrow, 9/19/18.

Nevertheless, I decided to create a Unity project and started importing the required plugins. I also installed the Kinect SDK for Windows 10. I got it all imported and installed without a hitch.

I did see an issue about a script called joints as Unity has a script the same name. It shouldn’t be an issue to update the scripts and the calls. Unity did want to update the plugin scripts using deprecated calls. I let Unity do its thing. Hopefully, I don’t regret doing that. I opened an example scene and ran it. Of course, it ran but it didn’t throw an error! Be that good or bad news, who knows until I plug the device in.

FYI – anyone that has Kinect running on a computer or laptop that switches gpus, by default when rebooting/starting Windows 10, it will always switch on the dedicated GPU. Without the NVIDIA notification icon, I would be wondering why my fans are constantly running and battery life that is trash. Easy fix is to end the tasks in the task manager. I haven’t found a way to stop it from being started by default. I will have to look at it some more but I fear if I mess with, I will cause more harm then good at this point. So I am going to hold off until I can test the Kinect.

I am excited to play around with the Kinect. Not only because of the project but also to expand the use of the device. I am curious if I can create animations using it as well as scan objects. If so, I want to use some of the features to help build the art around my project to help speed up the production.

Barber Shop Video

I remember something like this video at Disney World Hollywood Studios. It was called “Sounds Dangerous! Starring Drew Carey”. It was closed in 2012 and replaced by numerous different shows but the audio show had the same idea about the binaural audio. It used Dolby as the audio driver. Essentially, you watch a video while having a headset on. The lights would turn off and the audio show begins. There is a part where Drew Carey goes to the barber and he gets a haircut. The video felt and sounded the same as I remember the show did.

In the video where they put a bag over the microphones, I felt like there was a bag on my head. I started to panic and opened my eyes. I am surprised how well the illusion works. The buzz cutters sound sounds life like as well. I am curious how many games and movies use this audio technique. I feel like it would create a better immersion into their worlds. Would it work with a surround sound system or only with headphones?


Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is an interesting place. At first, it looked underground and run down but now they have expanded so much! It is quite impressive. I like the idea where they expand to other cities, and have local artist work on pieces of art to display in their “museum”. I use “museum” loosely.

It looks more like a take on a modern “museum”, where the rooms are the pieces with pieces within the room’s world. One piece that was shown was the black and white room. I would have liked to see more of that piece. It reminded me of some comic book or something Tim Burton would make. Another thing that caught my eye was the “doors” to the other rooms. One was a fireplace where you would walk through. Another was a hole in the wall where you would crawl through. I am assuming there are regular doors but experiencing these “gateways” would help create the illusion. The illusion that you are in the art piece. Someday, I would like to visit one of these places. Not only for the experience but to be inspired by these “rooms”.