Project Frame – *”Grumpy” Sculpt

Project Frame – *”Grumpy” Sculpt


  • Blender
  • Pixologic zBrush




Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #9

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ART JAM – dishonoured wip


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Blog Entry – Research and Project Updates – 2019 #2

This week I began my research of art styles. As this semester is focusing on character art, I will have to decide on what interests me and what will work the best for the outcome of the project. 3 areas of focus for this week was creepy, study of styles, and sketching. While I had limited time to sketch, I did sketch for the 3d art class’ project. That style is the Tim Burton gothic look. Sketching out houses (the main focus of the 3d work), I enjoyed the craziness. Not caring for perfect lines. Not caring about perspectives. I have always enjoyed Tim Burton’s style. With that in mind, I entered a rabbit whole of reference search. Collecting as much reference to help me get started, I believe I have an idea for a look – dark/gothic, Disney-ish/Tim Burton faces/bodies, Victorian era clothes, and wet plate overlay/distortion. Combining them all together should create a unique and “creepy” look. Next week, I will be focusing on sketching up at least a few faces, and maybe a few bodies.

Here are a few links:

An Analysis of Art & Design in the Films of Tim Burton