Thesis I – Project Blog 3

Thesis Paper Outline – Matthew Hopkins

  • Quote – “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney
  • Intro (Abstract) – summary of what the paper is about
    1. Anthropomorphism
      1. Where it started
      2. Where it used
      3. Where it is going
    2.  Project
      1. Relates to combing anthropomorphism and A.I.
      2. How artist can easily communicate using the combination
  • Thesis Statement
    1. Interacting with anthropomorphic A.Is can create and intensify participators’ connections, emotionally and physically, towards synthetic beings. Giving an artist the flexibility to communicate directly to their audience by manipulating the human psychology.
  • Background (Intro) – reason why I made my project
    1. Experience
      1. My background & skills
      2. Opportunity to create an interactive installation piece
      3. Learning in skills and tools
    2. Inspired from Disney and other productions
      1. Universal Studios – Harry potter ride attraction with talking walls
    3. Being able to watch participators and visitors reactions
  • Tech Background – describe hardware & software works if they did not understand
    1. Unity, zBrush, Maya, Blender, substance painter
    2. Lipsync – facial animations
    3. Excel – story progression datasheet
    4. Kinect v2 – input device to capture data
  • Defense
    1. Social Cognition
      1. *
    2.  Technopomorphism/Personification
      1. *
    3. Theory of Mind
      1. *
    4. Uncanny Valley
      1. *
  • Description of Project
    1. Overall/Summary
      1. “Project Frame” is a dynamic interactive experience featuring a hanging oil painting that responses to visual and audio inputs. It will detect the presence of the viewers, follow faces and body movements, and listen for speech responses. All of which, will advance down a fixed “script” that the A.I. continuously references. The final presentation will consist of an environment that will be build around the frame for maximum immersion.
      2. Story
        • Pen name* loved his work more than anything, so much so, that his soul was bound to his greatest piece of work, his portrait. Participators can interact and learn from this broken soul. If they are lucky enough, then they can discover his own lives story
    2. Design
      1.  Character
        1. The true meaning behind the man in the painting
        2. Technical story map *picture*
      2. Art style
        1. References
          1. Victorian era
          2. Dishonors and other video games
          3. Realistic stylization
        2. Installation
          1. Layout
          2. Setup
          3. Design
        3. Behind the scenes – Code
          1. Special functions
            1. Interaction data
            2. Interaction mood level
        4. Response from people
          1. Hypothesis
            1. Creeped out, Curious, entertained
            2. Create emotional connection
          2. Results
      3. Reason I choice the decisions I made
        1. How I started on the project
          • Hardware testing
        2. Everything, besides hardware, is designed around the main character
          • Story, background art, interactions
    3. Conclusion



Procedural Art – FX project WIPs

Character progress

Done this week:

  • the UVs combined
  • character 50% rigged – needs to accessories and hands weighted
  • blendshape readys to be sculpted – zbrush file specially made for the character’s head
  • Throw textures together to get a base maps