Thesis I – Project Blog 1

Main visual interactions:

  • At Attention – character interacting/listening
  • Present – Detected people
  • Alone/Idle – no one is visible and in idle mode

Audio interactions:

  • Silence – No real understanding and quite.
  • Understands the audio – move down the story
  • Bright/loud sounds – startles/stumbles the character

Interaction pipeline:

  • Starter Convo
  • General Questions – FILLERS Basic small talk with key words – gives hints of why and what he has saw (about people, and envirnoment). Could reply with a question to get info.
  • Rambling – He talks about his life stories, his time, his places, things about his personally. If someone questions the story, he stops explains in a little depth and then ramble about something else. *If loud noise detected or used keyword goes back to the main starter convo.
  • Keyword for fallback/home to starter convo

Life stories are randomly picked – Stories will have different audio with the same story but said differently.

IDLE modes should have different states – get attention, show emotion, move, look.

NEED indicator to tell if he is idle or not – candle could be flickering when active and static when not.

Other Notes:

  • Does not seem interested in people
  • He needs people to move and he likes the ability but hates to interact with people
    • In static could show discomfort, and want attention.
  • Think of different participators experiences – think of 4 words that they would say about the character personality.
  • How long should the interaction should be – MAX experience TIME????