Modern Growth

Modern Growth



Modern Growth is an modern take of a harp with a twist. Designed for the green room in Barrett at Becker College. The mirrored vine will be at the center of the room and extrude from the ground up to adult height. Under the vine, there are numerous strings which will have water dropping down. Each string plays an important role. If a visitor gets courageous and touch said strings, an audible musical note will play and the string will light up. String length also plays a role because longer strings will be bass notes while the shorter strings are higher pitch. These sounds will be played from the base of the sculpture hidden from view. Since the design is like a harp in nature, multiple strings can be played at once.

The piece is used to break up the space in the room. Most of the time, the room is empty. My idea is to bring people together even if it is just to study or relax. I believe this piece can be used as a white noise generator because of the waterfall. It could also be an ice breaker where multiple people can come together and touch the strings.

The visual design is taking elements from nature, Pentagon by Monir Farmanfarmaian, the location and instruments. The room use to be a green room in the old mansion. Using the original use of the room, I decided to create a vine that broke through the floor. The material of the vine is mirrors. This is a take on the modern, and sci-fi look as this building houses many game courses for the School of Design and Technology.

Expected emotional responses from the piece could result in calmness, happiness, and being surprised.

I was inspired by Pentagon by Monir Farmanfarmaian. I had the chance to view the piece in person and was blown away. The way the mirrors reflected light was visually stunning. Another inspiration was the location for the piece.


Inspirational Images/Components used in my Design

Pentagon – Monir Farmanfarmaian

Image result for string waterfall


Components Needed

  • Mirrors
  • Housing base – possibly wood
  • Water + solution
  • Plastic for water base
  • Water pump and hoses
  • Broken tiles – used to blend the base into the floor
  • Metal for the sculpture
  • Nylon
  • Speakers
  • RGB leds
  • Vibration sensors